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Our certified coaches make it easier than ever to think through your end of life wishes with the help of your friends and family.
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this is such an important conversation.”
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Our Values
Start with the
end in mind
Embrace impermanence. There will one day be a world you’re no longer in – it’s a simple idea with the power to shift your perspective.

Take accountability. We all make an impact, in ways big and small, for better or for worse, intentional or not – all of that is your legacy.

Live intentionally.
It is within your power to design your legacy – you have every right to care that it is sustained even after you’re gone.

Start where you are.
You know yourself better than you may realize – start with who you are and have been when considering the future.

Keep things simple.
There’s really no need for you to learn a whole new vocabulary – these questions are challenging enough as it is.
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